Urolumber wants to offer their customers one step more.

This one step extra shows in the extra service, as well as the extra commitment we want to offer.

One step more is made possible thanks to our organization. 

We are always trying to optimize the organization, the way of working and business processes.
Resulting, for example, in our premium process and premium grading processes. 

Another way of offering one step more is the fact we can, for those interested, also offer some extra machining.

In our yard in Ukraine we have set up a production hall where we provide the following operations:

  • (Pre)planing
    All our boards can be planed. Depending on the dimension we usually pre plane our boards minus 2 or 5 mm in width and 2mm in thickness. However we can also plane to custom measurements required by our customers.
  • Re-cut 
    When needed we can re-cut our boards so all end sizes are right-angled.  
    Also re-cutting into several smaller lengths is possible.
  • Lamella
    We also have the possibility to produce our boards into lamella boards.  
    For dimensions and qualities we would gladly refer you to our products page. 
  • Sofa Sticks
    Another possibility we offer is the production of sofa sticks from our hornbeam production. These sticks, due to their durability and strength, can be used perfectly for frames of sofas. 

Finally we also have good contacts with several companies in the Netherlands and Belgium who are also able to further process our lumber into a half- or end product.