Our outside dryers are unique. Here we pre-dry our bundles. After the arrival of the lumber from our sawmills all bundles are stored in our outside dryers. Every bundle is stored for at least 3 months and last in is last out. In our outside dryers our lumber can gradually dry to a percentage acceptable for further drying in our kiln chambers.

What makes our outside air dryers unique is the fact they are fully conditioned with a patented hangar construction and automatic, computer controlled moisturizing system. This moisturizing system helps preventing cracks which can occur when the lumber is stored in direct sunlight. Furthermore we store our bundles head to head to prevent end cracks. 

Another unique feature of our outside dryers is the air gap in between the rows. This air gap provides an air flow through the bundles for optimal equal drying of the boards.

Where most of our competitors store their bundles outside on an open field or under a small roof, at Rollé we have our exceptional premium process. Meaning our boards are dried with the best care and attention we can give them. Our patented outside dryers are a vital part in this premium process.