More about Urolumber

At our concentration yard in Ukraine we collect, dry and grade the lumber to our "premium" company standards. At Urolumber we ship 10.000m³ of lumber and 100.000m² of top layers per year direct to our customers.

25 years of love for Ukrainian lumber

In 2008 Urolumber is founded by the Dutch owner Ton van den Hurk. With the build of the concentration yard in Cherniakhiv, Urolumber is born and becomes part of the Rollé Group. However, actually the history goes further back. Since The Rollé Group is already active in Ukraine before the building of their conctration yard in Cherniakhiv. Since many years before the Rollé Group already has a purchase team who operate troughout Ukraine. During these years already a lot of knowledge is gathered and the foundations for a succesful business are being laid.

During the building of the concentration yard the new patented outdoor drying T-sheds are also being built. These T-sheds guarantee a constant and sufficient air flow through the bundles for gradual pre-drying of the lumber.

Besides the T-sheds, their are also 5 drying kilns with at total capacity of 600 m3 per cycle.

Where Urolumber first concentrates only on the drying and grading of primarily European oak, since 2015 the production hall is renovated. Nowadays this is one of the leading lamel production factory of the ukraine and it produces now about 300.000 m2 annualy, in several thicknesses and qualities.

Via our yard in Ukraine we’re able to collect and supply our European oak worldwide. And it’s thanks to our yard the rest of the Rollé Group is able to further optimize their way of working and offer their customers the price and quality balance they’re able to offer today.
So, it's obvious we're very proud of our yard and its different accomplishments that makes Urolumber the company is is today.

  • An international company with offices in Holland, France and Ukraine.

  • A company that purchases 20.000m³, mostly oak, per year from 60+ sawmills.

  • A company that grades the lumber to her own premium standards and premium processes the lumber in one of her yards in France, Holland or Ukraine.

  • A company that ships direct from stock to customers all over the world.