At Urolumber our quality is important. We’re proud to have an outstanding, uniform and continuous quality. Therefore we control the quality of our products at several points in our production process.

First of all the quality is being controlled by our purchasers at the different sawmills. 
Secondly our European oak lumber, ash and hornbeam is also being controlled on arrival at our yards. From every incoming truckload at least five bundles are thoroughly checked. Finally after drying we control our lumber for the third time during our premium grading process.

This premium graded process is our unique grading process where every board is graded board by board. Here we check every board for its quality and that’s one of the reasons we can supply our customers with a uniform and continuous quality.

Furthermore we have arranged some extra measurements to ensure the best possible quality. One of these being we arranged for all our bundles to get special Rollé slats. These slats optimize the air flow through the bundles.

A good air flow through the bundles provide the bundles pre-dry better and more gradual. Gradual drying is important for the best outcome, with straight and flat boards.